History of SSMU

In 2007, the Medical Institute of Sumy State University celebrated its small anniversary – 15 years since its founding. Study at the Medical Faculty of Sumy State University started on 1 September 1992. In the autumn of 2005 on the basis of medical faculty created SSU Medical Institute, consisting of two operating departments – medical and postgraduate medical education. Sumi – the first city in Ukraine where medical school established at the university.
Research and teaching staff of the medical institute headed by MD, Professor Vitaly E. Markevich .

For 15 years the medical establishment was scientific establishment , the Institute works have their achievements and traditions. During this time of the institution produced more than 1,300 physicians , of whom about 1,000 doctors – by government order , working in hospitals primarily Sumy region.

Today Medical Institute – a medical profile 15 departments and 8 Humanitarian and comprehensive profiles , employing over 100 teachers, including 15 professors, more than 60 PhDs and professors , some of whom are professors and associate professors Soros , winner of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine , the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine .

In medical school , all the conditions for learning and mastering the latest knowledge of medical science, methods of diagnosis and treatment. The students study the Museum of Normal and Pathological Anatomy , large lecture halls , study rooms, computer labs , a library , a cafeteria, gymnasium, stadium , swimming pool, ski base , 2 dormitories . For those wishing to do research laboratories are electron microscopy, atomic absorption mass spectrometry , immunological laboratory.

The Institute is accredited at level IV HOOK Ukraine and received a certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for training in the specialty ” General Medicine “. For 6 years, the student receives a medical degree and a diploma of the state sample medical specialist . Later at the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education conducted training in the following areas: family medicine , internal medicine, pediatrics , surgery, obstetrics and gynecology , infectious diseases, radiology . In addition, graduates can continue their education in clinical studies , master’s and postgraduate courses.

Since 2005, the organization of the educational process is based on a new credit system . Its goal – to bring the training of doctors in the European context of the Bologna process and thus ensure the mobility of students in the learning process (the ability to master the medical profession in any institution of higher education in Europe).

Over the last 8 years medical school SSU is in the top three medical schools in Ukraine. Since 2000 the number of prizes for student competitions , he ranked among the medical scientific institutions of the state. In 2002, the medical school was recognized as among the best medical schools in Ukraine. These results contribute to the strengthening and growth of the prestige of the institution, the formation of the victorious traditions. Today the Medical Institute of Sumy State University is well known in all parts of our country and abroad. After 2 faculties SSU Medical Institute trained 700 national , 300 international students from 42 countries , 132 medical interns and 49 undergraduates .

Control over the educational process is carried out both internal and external. External control is carried out according to regulations of Ministry of Health of Ukraine. According to the license examination “Step 2″ in 2006 the 6th year students took 1st place among medical universities in Ukraine , and medical interns won the ” Step 3″ . No chance of graduating medical school responds positively Ukraine entire medical community , noting the high level of theoretical and practical training .

The benefits of training in medical school SSU include: high quality of education , ensuring all of nonresident students hostels, ensuring all graduates of the workplace , the opportunity to continue their studies in residence in many areas , and the possibility of scientific growth through training in residency, MA, PhD .

Features of the opening campaign in higher education institutions in Ukraine in 2008 is no entrance examination. Medical Institute is no exception. Sign up for 1 year Medical Institute of Sumy State University will be giving positive results of external tests Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment . In order to increase access to quality higher education to enroll in medical school applicant must submit a certificate of Ukrainian language and literature , as well as a certificate from one of the subjects on their own (biology , chemistry , physics ).

Medical specialty has always been honorable and knowledge. And get a medical degree in one of the best universities in Ukraine is even more prestigious.

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